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Our Mission

The ocean is our home and we are constantly looking for ways to help care for it and the creatures that live there. We like to refer to this mission as working towards #aSeaofKindness. Because every action we make towards cleaner oceans is like a single wave; together we are powerful. Cleaner oceans, kinder people, happier planet.

Did you know that almost 14 millions pounds of trash is dumbed into the ocean each year? Together we can do better for our beloved home. At Esplanade we are working toward making sustainable choices like: reusable water bottles and coffee cups, saying "no" to plastic straws, minimizing the plastic in our packaging and choosing recycled materials, and...

Donating $1 from every purchase made from our website to help save marine life.

Currently we are partnering with an amazing marine mammal rehabilitation center located in San Pedro. The Marine Mammal Care Center is a non-profit organization that specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation, and research of marine mammals. Since 1992, MMCC has provided in house medical care to the more than 8,000 injured or sick seals and sea lions stranded on the 70 miles of beaches from Malibu to Seal Beach.  Their goal is to rehabilitate and release these animals back to their ocean homes.  

We are proud to partner with this local South Bay charity and look forward to more opportunities to care for the ocean as our business grows. If you have any questions, recommendations, or want to be more involved, please email us!




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